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The Most Dangerous Chemical CIF3 Liquid in the World



Chlorine triflouride (CIF3) – Here comes the chemical that the Nazis probably feared the most, CIF3 or ‘N-stoff’. Why were the Nazis afraid? The reason is simple, this chemical will explode when exposed to air, much like methane. Not only that, the aroma from CIF3 can also kill humans if it is accidentally inhaled.

Unfortunately, CIF3 can make things that we know are not flammable, such as bricks, for example, can ignite like paper that has been roasted with fire. Using CIF3 together with a flamethrower can generate heat up to 2400 degrees Celsius, hot enough to melt iron.

Nazi scientists also gave up using it as a weapon in World War 2 for fear that these chemical compounds would actually make their soldiers die ridiculous.

However, that lesson turned out to be ignored by American scientists who in the 1950s tried to move the CIF3 by using a tanker. The result? In the middle of the road, CIF3 managed to leak and spill, burning the road below to a depth of more than 1 meter.


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