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GP LLC utilizes cleaning systems that use high pressure and are able to use either hot of cold water. This equipment coupled with our rotating surface cleaners remove dirt, mildew, sediment and surface contamination without leaving any streaky lines that conventional pressure washer guns would leave. Our professional applicators use the safest and most efficient chemicals and cleaners on the market to produce the cleaning results you’re looking for. After your concrete has been cleaned, we are able to seal it with your choice of several industrial grade sealers from wet look acrylic to non-film forming siloxane’s. These sealers help protect against the damaging effects that are caused by weathering, deicing salts and surface contaminants.


Cleaning your concrete periodically with a Pressure washer or power washer and keeping it sealed with the right concrete sealers are the key components of any good maintenance program. How often you clean and reseal will largely depend on the conditions the concrete is exposed to, especially weather extremes, sunlight intensity and the amount of foot or vehicle traffic. Be sure to ask your GP LLC representative to recommend cleaning and maintenance products appropriate for your pavement type and exposure conditions.

One of the biggest trends in outdoor design today is a stamped concrete pool deck, a colored, textured and inviting area surrounding the pool that does more than provide a safe, slip-resistant deck for sunbathing and barbecuing. Inground pool decks are now given nearly as much attention as the interior design of the home. GP LLC is also able to add a slip resistant additive to the surface during application of the sealer if desired.


GP LLC uses the most advanced products and equipment available to restore your brick pavers to “like new” condition.

We never use lower grade materials to cut cost. Lower grade product typically fails pre-maturely, turns white or peels.

Once your interlocking brick pavers have been cleaned, we return the following day to sweep sand into all paver joints, in most cases, we typically use a high grade polymeric joint stabilizing sand. We then proceed to plate compact and activate the binder. The following day we will seal your brick pavers with Techni-Seal’s Thermoplastic micro porous acrylic sealant to enhance the beauty of your pavers. If you desire a sealer which does not change the appearance of the brick we can apply a natural finish Siloxane to waterproof the surface without any visible change in appearance or color.

When unqualified contractors and residents clean & seal their brick pavers with their own the sealant, your pavers may become blushed and blotchy. This typically happens with improper cleaning, the lack of proper equipment used as well as the lack of knowledge and use of the chemicals being applied. These situations can be very expensive to correct.

Commercial and Municipal services also offered
A full cleaning, installation of polymeric sand in the joints and natural finish, wet look acrylic sealer applied to the clay and concrete brick sidewalks for municipalities throughout Illinois


GP LLC takes graffiti abatement to an unprecedented level. The GSS patented multiple layer of defense provides unlimited graffiti removal capabilities – for up to 25 years – without dimishing performance or compromising the aesthetics of the structure. Our easy-to-apply, easy-to-remove, environmentally friendly graffiti removal solution makes clean-up fast, easy and safe. The patented GSS system includes a pure affinity cleaner that “lifts” graffiti from the substrate, which means that graffiti clean-up takes only a fraction of the time or other removal solutions. For cities, counties and personal residences, our solution delivers a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by eliminating the need to repaint or reapply anti-graffiti products for GSS’ entire lifecycle.

Companies worldwide have discovered that using a traditional graffiti abatement solution is unreliable and in the long run, more costly. That’s why permanent non-sacrificial anti graffiti removers are becoming the de facto standard. The easy-to-clean Graffiti Solution System (GSS) provides the most thorough and risk-free solution for your organization, leading to lower maintenance and capital costs. With the Graffiti Solution System (GSS), you will invest in a protective anti-graffiti solution that will meet your organization’s needs today and tomorrow.

How does the GP LLC Anti-Graffiti Application work?
The Graffiti Solution System (GSS) is a preventive system for graffiti control utilizing a permanent antigraffiti coating process and a simple graffiti removal process. It is designed for maintenance of a graffiti free environment where graffiti taggings are removed immediately upon discovery, leaving no evidence of graffiti. The coating can withstand repeated graffiti removals using Erasol remover without reapplication. The Erasol graffiti remover product is sprayed on by bottle and agitated over the graffiti tag. It is then hosed off by a regular garden hose. This biodegradable, nonflammable, nontoxic product has a pH of 7.5 which allows safe entrance into the ground water. Erasol can be readily degraded by typical waste water treatment plant organisms. Erasol enables graffiti removal without the need for toxic stripping agents, sand or soda blasting equipment, or high pressure, hot water washing systems. This system us easy and economical and the property remains permanently protected against future taggings. The eigth different base coatings provide different performance and aesthetic qualities for a variety of substrates with a wide range of coating combinations including;
Concrete Masonry
Signs or painted surfaces

The Graffiti Solution System features a manufacturer limited, 10 year performance warranty. As well as a limited one year application warranty.
Features & Advantages
Completely natural appearance: natural masonry, stone, EIFS or other architechural
Finishes are virtually unchaged
Pigmented, glossy appearance
Clear of pigmented with flat, semi gloss, or gloss finishes; offers an unlimited number of architectural choices.
Properties and Performance
Permanent coating
Withstands unlimited remo vals
VOC compliant, vapor permeable
Excellent abrasion, corrosion and salt spray resistance
UV and stain resistant
Non chalking; yellowing
Years of successful field applications
Various federal, state and city testing and approvals on all types of surfaces
FDA/USDA approved
Graffiti Solution System (GSS) – Offers the following advantages
Graffiti can be removed repeatedly without the need to reprotect or recoat the surface for up to 25 years
Removing graffiti is now immediately and complete – no shadowing or ghosting like most other anti-graffiti coatings or graffiti proof paint
Maintains the natural look of the underlying surface with a non-glare, invisible finish
Requires no special equipment for removing graffiti
Environmentally friendly product promotes safe clean-up